My rates are determined according to the word count of the source language in case of regular documents, websites, etc., or according to time count in case of films and DVDs. My prices vary depending on the difficulty, urgency and scope of the projects and are always negotiable.

I offer tiered rates based on the use of Translation Memories (TMs). For a regular client, this implies relevant cost savings through repeated business due to the fact that I charge 1/3 of the per word rate for repetitions and 100% matches and 2/3 for 85-99% matches.

Even as a new customer you can reap the benefits of reusing your existing translations. I will use your current Translation Memory and apply the same tiered rates.

Besides, I can align your legacy material and incorporate it into a TM. Even if you don't have a TM, but your material has been translated in the past, I can also work with you to create and populate a TM for your projects.