Please find below a list of selected clients divided into four main categories (plus some services I provide them):


Film und Video Untertitelung, Potsdam, Germany
Freelance Subtitler & Proofreader English/German > Spanish

* Subtitled and proofread feature films from English, German and French into Spanish.
* Subtitled and proofread DVDs from English into Spanish.
* Co-translated feature films from Spanish into German and co-proofread feature films from Spanish into English.

Human Resources, Public Relations, UN & NGOs

ISPEAK Translation Network, Panama
Freelance Preferential Translator English > Spanish

* Translated, edited and proofread Business, financial, mutual funds and Stock exchange handbooks, prospectuses, related material, etc.
* Translated, edited and proofread major credit card customer care letters, brochures, handbooks, etc.
* Translated, edited and proofread DHL (Postal Express and Courier Services) Computer Software Manuals, Handbooks, Contracts, training material, etc.
* Translated, edited and proofread Innerhost (Web hosting) web pages, advertising material, etc. (IT)
* Translated Tourism brochures and material.
* Translated UN training material.
* Translated PORSCHE training material.

Image Solutions (Formerly EXCEL Translations), USA
Freelance Translator English > Spanish

* Translated Brochures and Posters.
* Translated Training Handbooks and Presentations.
* Translated hardware tools brochures and manuals.

Chrysler Argentina, Córdoba, Argentina
Freelance Translator/Interpreter English <> Spanish

* Translated training manuals for the Finance Department.
* Translated training manuals for the Human Resources Department.
* Provided same-day translation service for urgent documents, faxes, reports, etc.
* Interpreted in training seminars.
* Assessed level of English and PC skills of candidates applying for any position that required knowledge in those areas.

El Ágora NGO, Córdoba, Argentina
Translator/Interpreter English <> Spanish

* Translated documents for the United Nations HABITAT Program.
* Translated Civic Safety Documents.
* Interpreted on Public Dialogs and University Seminars on Safety and Abolitionism.

Telecommunication industry

Translations Vendor English <> Spanish

* Translated Dictionary of Wireless Terms.
* Translated Contracts.
* Translated Technical Handbooks and Training Material.

CTI S.A. (Compañía de Teléfonos del Interior), Córdoba, Argentina
Freelance Translator

* Translated Contracts and Manuals for the Roaming Department.

Translator/Interpreter Spanish/English

* Participated in the development of a glossary for industry-related terms.
* Translated reports, memos, and other commercial documents.
* Performed consecutive interpretation in meetings, job interviews, and everyday situations.


Hejkal Übersetzungen, Euskirchen, Germany
Freelance Translator English and German > Spanish

* Translated brochures and packaging for ATMs.
* Translated ISO certifications and brochures.

Name undisclosed per agreement, Hong Kong
Freelance Preferential Translator English and German > Spanish

* Translated technical handbooks, brochures and packaging for tools, appliances, electronic devices, toys, etc.

REFERENCES: Available on request